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7 Creative Tips for An amazing Collection Display

  • By Damico Thompson
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7 Creative Tips for An amazing Collection Display

You love your collections. They’re the glory of your home. Telling a beautiful story of exotic travels and cherished memories. But, sometimes finding that perfect way to cohesively fit them into your living space can be pretty tricky. Especially, if you don't want them overpowering you as you walk in a room. These seven display tips will not only breathe new life into your current or new collection display, but will also make them look fabulous!

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1. Create mini vignettes in Shadow Boxes uses various size shadow boxes together creates an instant put-together look for any collection. Making them feel more inviting to guest. Plus, it’s great way to keep them protected from dust and elements that can damage them over time.


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2. Design abstract art collage gives an amazing example of how to make abstract wall art from various wind instrument collection. This conversation piece comes alive and off the wall in all direction. You really feel the creative musical randomness and fluid nature of music.


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3. Decorate large objects with small finds shows how to bring all of your little collection out of boxes and onto this cloth mannequin. Arranging them in all type of interesting ways to create a floral collage you're proud of.



4. Construct shelves from your collectibles cleverly makes use of a collection of vintage suitcase repurposed into shelving to displaying other collections. Talk about killing two birds with one stone with this create idea. It makes a unique shelving treatment sure to WOW your guest.  

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5. Arrange similar collections together creatives a bold collage from all shapes and sizes of mirrors. Giving this vanity a classically and stylish look. 


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6. Create room size vignettes creates an inviting vignette style space to display your similar vintage finds in one cozy area. Turning a once plain corner into an exciting and vibrant focal point.



7. Make a gallery with grand open spaces beautifully illustrates how to not be afraid of a grand open space. Using their collection of guitars turns this grande space into private gallery. Making it feel and look amazing. 

What about you? Do you have any tips when it comes to displaying your favorite collections? Share some of your tips for our readers. 

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